What it takes to be a part of the next big trend – AI

2017 has been the year of Artificial intelligence (AI), one of the hottest trends outgrowing in the phase of hype. While the perils of AI are also hotly debated, there is no doubt that AI is already transforming our lives in numerous ways and will continue to do so. In a recent report from IDC, it is estimated that the AI market will grow from $8 billion in 2016 to more than $47 billion in 2020.

Analysts have also predicted that AI will be a huge leap in the technology world and can potentially transform age-old industries in numerous ways. IT leaders and businesses have already turned their focus on it and are making huge bets on the AI-led future. Another report from Forrester Research predicted a greater than 300% increase in investment in artificial intelligence in 2017 compared with 2016.


Making a career in AI

It’s not surprising then that one of the fast-growing jobs in the technology sector is AI engineering. If you are looking to take up a career path towards it, ‘now’ is the right time to jump in the sector by acquiring the right skills. The earlier you land in that role, the more you would experience it to the core and learn as the technology evolves particularly since experts say that artificial intelligence will permeate our daily lives by 2025.


Before we dive into the required skill set for AI jobs, let’s check out the fields that offer opportunities. The demand for AI engineers is being realized at multiple sectors such as education, art, healthcare facilities, government agencies and the military. It is always better that you decide the field with respect to your prior knowledge since you will have an understanding of the basics that helps to succeed in the career.

Now, back to the skillset. If you are keenly looking to pursue your career in the field of AI, here are the skillset that companies are seeking from an AI engineer.

Basically, computer technology with math background are the foundational requirement for any artificial intelligence programs. Machine learning is associated with AI that provides the ability to perform tasks like, diagnosing, robotic control, identifying patterns, predicting, etc. So, most companies are expecting AI experts with proficiency in:

  1. Maths with specialization in statistics, algebra, calculus, logic and algorithms.
  2. Neural network and Bayesian network
  3. Automation and robotics engineering
  4. Programming languages such as Python/C++/R/Java/Linux with Java being the highest priority.


Some of the key soft skills that companies are looking for are:

  • An Artificial Intelligence engineer requires strong analytical thinking and ability to solve a problem by coming up with an optimal solution.
  • Innovative thinking is yet another trait that helps to drive technology advancement in this area and create products that outweighs amongst the competitors.
  • AI professionals must have excellent communication skill both in verbal and writing to translate the highly technical information into simple terms to the business team and other stakeholders.
  • Some of the other personality traits for AI engineers include:Innate curiosity, being creative and patient, networking skills and paying attention to detail.

AI adoption is expected to grow incredibly in the coming years and businesses are already witnessing the benefits from AI technology. On the other hand, the demand for AI engineers is equally rising with loads of new openings. This is the right time to switch to the next new trend in the industry. Besides the above-mentioned skillset, if you are really interested in AI careers, it is necessary to network with people of the same field, attend events and webinars on AI, and keep up-to-date with the latest trends and technology.

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