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Mentoring, while immensely helpful to the one being mentored by you, can also help advance your professional life. Sharing your expertise with the young, new talent puts you in prime position to stay up to date with the needs and demands of a dynamic job market.

As an interviewer at Rock Interview, you are expected to help identify and suggest fixes for problem areas in prospective job candidates.

Enhance your technical and leadership skills, create a robust network of connected professionals and stay connected while you get paid for your services. After all, it does feel rewarding to help someone forge a successful career.

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Why do experts love Rock Interview?

If you are have significant experience in your field, share your knowledge with new talent in the industry during your free time. And get paid doing it!


Help freshers and young talent with professional assessments and training sessions.


Gain satisfaction from sharing the knowledge you have with budding talent in the industry.


Get rated by candidates on your mentoring skills. Higher ratings get more interviews and also help you build credibility.


Hone your training and leadership skills by handling real candidates in need of guidance.

How good are the interviewers
at Rock Interview?

Peer Rating

Every interviewer is rated by the candidate after each interview

Profile and Social Review

A basic profile verification that includes social media is done by Rock Interview

Panel Verification

Every interviewer is reviewed by an expert panel to determine their competence

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