How to get your first job in the tech industry

Technology is an ever-growing and ever-changing market, booming every second with a new idea that makes life easier. But, if you are fresh out of college and looking to join the tech industry, the competition is fierce. You have to be crisp, clear and updated with everything that’s going on, otherwise you’d be left out.
As a ‘fresh’-er in the real world, if technology is what you want to pursue, there is a plethora of opportunities and diverse platforms where the industry could use your intellect and creativity. You don’t necessarily have to be an expert coder to make a mark in this industry, what you necessarily need is sparking interest and soft skills that make you different from the rest of the herd.
In India, making a mark in the technology industry – whether it’s in the IT Services industry or Technology Product Companies – is all about a great mix of technical knowledge, motivation and a problem-solving attitude. Coding isn’t the only form of work in technology. Particularly now that the IT Services industry is going through a bit of upheaval, companies going forward will look for tech professionals who not only know their code but can solve real-world problems for their clients.
As the industry is growing by the day, you need to adopt a holistic approach which includes adding various skills and experience on your resume even before your first job in the current times. So, we have put together a few thoughts as to how you can improve your chances of entering the technology industry as a fresher.

1. Have an idea about the Technology Trends and basics of coding

If you are a tech enthusiast, you already know a lot about it. But if you aren’t one, you don’t necessarily have to know all about Python and start developing application masterpieces’. All you need to do is learn the basics to get a hang of what coding is all about and the work that goes into developing an application. The rest is what you will learn in the technical training that you undergo once you are hired.

2. Don’t be restricted by your academic course

Even if you already did an academic degree in technology such as Computer Science, your passion for technology gets noticed through what you do when you aren’t studying. How about helping one of the college clubs by developing a community management app for them or helping a non-tech savvy friend to build their idea using your tech-intellect? How about building a mobile app and figuring out ways to market and monetize it? It just goes on to show that you are not all academics, but also have the technical chops to build something on your own.

3. Ideate and Collaborate

Your world is beyond your college degree and there is a lot to explore. It doesn’t matter if you love sociology and are really interested in bringing technology to sociology. Even if you are not technically strong, you can always self-initiate projects that help you collaborate with developers and technology geeks and help the society in whatever means you plan to. Collaborative efforts count a lot while you are planning to pursue a career in technology, as recruiters love it if you can work in a team setting and collaborate to work towards a greater goal.

4. Take up leadership opportunities

Being an initiator is seen as a major quality in any industry. It subtly shows your dedication and engagement in what you plan to do with your career. Being able to lead a group of people, getting elected as a president of a certain group consistently or even organizing activities that help people collaborate makes you likeable and responsible in the eyes of the recruiter.

5. Experience whatever new technology you can grab your hands at

With AI, Internet of Things and virtual reality on the forefront, there is a lot that’s happening in the world of tech right now. For instance, there are digital interactive documentaries hosted by media giants like the NY Times, Al Jazeera and many experiential exhibitions put across using virtual reality. It helps to stay on top of such tech trends and know what’s happening in terms of innovation. Also, try engaging with people from technology space or even different professions as you’ll learn a lot more.

As a fresher, it is all about new experiences and explorations. So, don’t be afraid to try something new, don’t be afraid to work with new people and most importantly, don’t be afraid to fail – as everything is meant to build you into a better person who can work effectively in every professional situation.